– Break Bits–

 Hello world! BreakBits is an experimental crypto currency targeted onto link travelers with hospitality and networks, providing parties with a new option to realize their transactions through block chain, with low fee and record time.
BRB is a coin designed for frequent travelers for travelers and backpackers traveling around the world and appreciate other alternative payment and indeed is a break to make your payments easier and faster.

– Our Specifications & Features –

General Specs

Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW/PoS Coin name BREAKBITS Coin ticker BRB Address letter B RPC port 39186 P2P port 39185 Coin starting supply 1060000 BRB Premine amount 1060000 BRB Min. stake age 8 hours Max. stake age Unlimited Coinbase maturity 10 blocks Target spacing 60 seconds Target timespan 1 block Transaction confirmations 4 blocks Seednode harcoded download & run

Block Reward

POW 250 – 5000 = 5 coins 5k – 10k = 2.5 10k -15k = 1.25 15k -20k = 0.6 POS until 5k 5% 5k -6k 1000% 6k – 50k 100% 50k – 100k 50% halving every 50k until 5% Block time 60 sec .

Pre-mined Coins

This coin has premined one million sixty thousand coins in its first blocks, and after a short pow, POS will be the blockchain motor in recognizing for their work on this no lucrative project, this 5% will be liberated after an 18 months period, getting entitled to use the produced stakes, and only the staked coins until the address is liberated. Like complement to this last measure, and with the aim of doing the best for everyone, the development address will be in a staking pool enabled for BreakBits, as is another way to have handy coins during their holiday break or travel aboard. 1% of initial supply will be reserved for promotional use like airdrops, campaigns & more.


pre-distribution is ON There are 1.000.000 BRB to pre-distribute between BTC donors in a 0.00006 BTC-1 BRB, trying to have the necessary support for the project in it different roadmap windows. Like bonus, those getting their BRB soon will sooner start staking and getting ready for the 1000 booster blocks with 1000% rate happening at block 5000-6000. To gather your coins you need to post only in reply to Discord Thread: Your BRB address, BTC deposit amount and TxId. BRB will be sent in order of BTC arrivals. Our BTC address is: 1HvZARDtPf6gRkqoLfdJAVLmV9LACG8FNV, if we not reach all the roadmap levels, coins not distributed will be burned, This ”crowd sale” starting 27-6-18 and ending at 1-7-18. Like Predistribution method, we have been selected fast p2p transactions in Discord with a rate based on the formula 60 btc/1 million [BRB]. During a 1 week period starting as we release or wallets and github. https://discord.gg/ugvd3UD where you can already sing in and talk straight to developers…


This team counts with not famous developers or team, as we are new in this adventure, but most of us have joined other teams in different degrees, we all love to travel when budget allows us up, and for sure we are traders and blockchain enthusiasts, that invited us to realize where other projects fail even credited with millions of dollars from ICO; and know about BTC advantages, and disadvantages at the traveling time. We have this idea and we go ahead with 5% pre-mine for the team, 4 separated roadmaps and our transparency and completed tasks will be the trust and faith of our beloved community very soon. Special Thanks: for all of those how indirectly gave us the ideas to make this project simple but so interesting. and solid, great thanks a lot all those that have cooperated with us during this early development stages, and thanks in advance too to all the new Team members and friends we will find along the years of development of BreakBits [BrB] .

Road map & Crowd Sale INFO

Level 1 – Less than 15 BTC: Small exchanges/New OS wallets and basic services: Explorer, nodes, website. Level 2 – 15 BTC -30 BTC: Medium and small/exchanges/Full range of Wallets and basic services: Explorer, nodes, website/ Marketing campaigns/ Merchandising/ Site upgrade with important add-ons. Level 3 -30 BTC-45 BTC: Main, Medium, and small/exchanges/New OS and Mobile wallets and basic services: Explorer, nodes, website/ Marketing campaigns/ Merchandising/ Site upgrade to interactive V.O./ Marketing local Delegations/ Social Launch Event/ Fork that allows BreakBits users to run legit chains at the same time, The fork would be an ERC token that represents many more users, exchanges, new development opportunities Level 4 45 BTC-60 BTC adding Company Constitution/ Shop/ Online travel agency with BreakBit as single currency accepted.

– Contact Us –